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EmpowerED UCLA Ext. Patient Advocacy Certificate Program
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Updated:  April 2014
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Sponsored or provided by: Empowered UCLA Extensions
For students interested in:
Private Practice Advocacy or Navigation
Specialized Focus
Other Advocacy Employment
Cancer Navigation

Mediation / Family Counseling
Ethics / Best Practices
Business of Advocacy
Crisis Management, Bioethics, Fundamentals of U.S. Health Care System
Description: Students who earn a Certificate in Patient Advocacy from UCLA Extension acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and competencies needed to successfully prepare for their career.

Graduates of this program will be prepared to:

•  Advocate for patients and families to ensure quality care

•  Address, prioritize, and resolve complaints from patients, families, medical professionals, and insurance representatives

•  Convey compassion and concern for individuals and families on a consistent basis

•  Differentiate between routine issues and those requiring escalation to a higher level

•  Discuss medical care with physicians, nurses, and other care team professionals

•  Outline and evaluate patient care services and options

•  Summarize findings of medical team reviewers
Time to complete: 1 year
Location or Attendance: Online Only
Tuition/ Fees/ Other Costs: $8,400 (see website for discounts through July 10)
Financial Assistance or other discounts: YES (see below)
Admission Pre-requisites: People entering this program must already possess a bachelor's degree.
Post Program Support: YES
Website and/or brochure: Empowered UCLA Ext. Patient Advocacy Certificate Program
From the program's director: There are scholarship opportunities that are available for a good number of students should they meet the qualification requirements. You can call a program counselor or visit our website for more into. 888-777-5054.
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Student Reviews* of
UCLA's Patient Advocacy Certificate Program
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+ On the Plus Side +
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- Cautionary Comments -
* I made lasting contacts with other advocates.
* I worked hard for a year and will have a patient advocacy certificate from UCLA to show for it.

* Go somewhere else if you plan to set up an independent advocacy practice: there's very little "independent" content here.
* Some courses have too much overlapped content.
* The "revolutionary iPad platform" has too many continuing support issues to be useful.
* There's an unprofessional amount of typos/errors in presentation PDFs for all courses (e.g., "Segway" instead of "segue"? "Breath" instead of "Breadth"?)

I hope this program improves and adds some courses for independent advocates in the future.
2 stars
Not Sure
April 2014
  Are you a current or former student of this program?
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